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Let’s Talk SEX!

What does it mean to talk about sex? As a sex therapist, Samantha sits down to talk about how all therapists can help their clients.… Read More Let’s Talk SEX!

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Is Marriage Easy with the “Right” Partner?

Marriage is a lot of things, easy may not be one of them. Ms. Heuwagen breaks down what it means to be in a healthy, happy, and thriving marriage.… Read More Is Marriage Easy with the “Right” Partner?

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A Feminist Marriage Reflection

A Feminist Marriage Reflection Time flies when you are having fun! At least for myself and my life partner we have had one crazy and adventurous first year of marriage. Last year around this time we shared our special feminist wedding ceremony with the world which we felt needed to be shared. This year to… Read More A Feminist Marriage Reflection

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Pick Better Partners!

Pick Better Partners! If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me how to find the love of their life, I would be a rich woman. As a marriage therapist people like to think I have all the answers to life’s romantic mysteries. Fun fact: I don’t–– wish I did, but I don’t!… Read More Pick Better Partners!

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What is Sex Therapy?

What is Sex Therapy? As a sex therapist I get the question, “What do you do?” A LOT. Too much, actually. So I am here to clear the air and set some records straight! What is it? A mental health therapist who provides systemic and contextual psychotherapy services to individuals, couples, families, or groups of… Read More What is Sex Therapy?

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Healthy Relationships and Where to Find Them Part 6

Healthy Relationships and Where to Find Them (Part 6) Join us over the next several weeks to discover what it takes to live and love in a healthy relationship! Over the course of Healthy Relationships and Where to Find Them there have been several questions from readers that I thought I would share and try to… Read More Healthy Relationships and Where to Find Them Part 6