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Female Condoms: A Guide

QUESTION: Why are female condoms so much less effective than male condoms? Why haven’t they been made more efficient? ANSWER: That’s a really great question! I hadn’t heard that before, and I am a champion of female condoms! I had to do a little investigation first, and here is what I found: -Female condoms are… Read More Female Condoms: A Guide

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What’s Wrong With Porn?

What’s Wrong with Porn? Yesterday I decided to try something for the first time, no I am lying to you, I’ve tried it many times before: I went to watch porn. Not just for my viewing pleasure, but because I was actually interested in watching.  Everyone watches porn. No, stop, you know you do. Porn… Read More What’s Wrong With Porn?

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Holy Side Boob! How I learned to Love my Body

Holy Side Boob! The fierce Ms. Tyra Banks would be proud of me. A few months ago, I was photographed from every angle by the lovely, Katie Merritt for a boudoir photo shoot. Now, don’t get too excited, these were neither X rated nor anything found in the pages of Playboy, but elegant shots that… Read More Holy Side Boob! How I learned to Love my Body

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10 Ways to Be Sex Positive

10 Ways to be Sex Positive As of late being Sex Positive has been dominating my brain waves. Maybe it’s because I have just successfully defended my thesis narrative on the subject or how I have noticed so many people asking me how to be sex positive. How do you become Sex Positive? Is there… Read More 10 Ways to Be Sex Positive

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I Like Sex: Am I Sex Positive?

Am I Sex Positive? Editors Note: This is an article Ms. Heuwagen wrote in 2014 between Master’s programs. My sex life didn’t start out on the most positive of notes. Boys abused me, pressured me and confused me about the whole act of sex. The images I was given through the media didn’t help either.… Read More I Like Sex: Am I Sex Positive?

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Be in the Know About Sex Therapy

Sex therapy can be confusing and the process for finding a therapist can be daunting because the issue is sexual and still taboo. Who do you look for? What exactly do they do? A sex therapist is a mental health therapist who provides systemic and contextual psychotherapy services to individuals, couples, families, or groups of… Read More Be in the Know About Sex Therapy