Authenticity… everyone is talking about it, but what does it mean? Therapist and Author, Samantha Heuwagen, offers steps to embrace and achieve your most authentic self.… Read More Authenticity


Starting Therapy

Starting Therapy Starting therapy can be really scary and nerve racking. It’s supposed to be a safe place to explore, heal, and grow. Not every Therapist is for every client and that’s ok. Here are a few items I believe in when working with my clients and items to can look for in your therapeutic… Read More Starting Therapy

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Dreams Do Come True

5 years ago when I started pursuing authorship seriously, there were certainly more than a few obstacles to overcome. … Read More Dreams Do Come True

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Me and My Gal, Riggs

Furry friends can teach us a lot–things we never expected or saw coming. Finding little Riggs and watching her grow has been no different.… Read More Me and My Gal, Riggs


When I Grow Up…

We all had dreams about the future when we were little. Is there a way to bring that back to life if we’ve frogotten it?… Read More When I Grow Up…

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Reading and Dissociation

Does reading cause dissociation or is this another thing the internet got wrong? Let’s discuss.… Read More Reading and Dissociation