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The Political Statement of Body hair

Female body hair has been discussed in many ways, making it a political and yet freeing statement for female bodied individuals everywhere. … Read More The Political Statement of Body hair

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A Feminist Marriage Reflection

A Feminist Marriage Reflection Time flies when you are having fun! At least for myself and my life partner we have had one crazy and adventurous first year of marriage. Last year around this time we shared our special feminist wedding ceremony with the world which we felt needed to be shared. This year to… Read More A Feminist Marriage Reflection

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Beauty Norms

Beauty Norms Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but we know there are strong social ties to who and what is considered beautiful. As a therapist, it is my belief that we are all suffering from some type of body dysmorphia. With the media idolizing the likes of @kimkardashian or any of her… Read More Beauty Norms

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Holy Side Boob! How I learned to Love my Body

Holy Side Boob! The fierce Ms. Tyra Banks would be proud of me. A few months ago, I was photographed from every angle by the lovely, Katie Merritt for a boudoir photo shoot. Now, don’t get too excited, these were neither X rated nor anything found in the pages of Playboy, but elegant shots that… Read More Holy Side Boob! How I learned to Love my Body

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Celebrating International Women’s Day with Debut Authors

Happy International Women’s day, y’all! To celebrate Authors ’18, a group of rising stars in the publishing industry, put together a list of books featuring a strong female lead. These titles focus on changing the stereotypical view of what it means to be a woman, and all the while showcasing stories of triumph for the… Read More Celebrating International Women’s Day with Debut Authors


Vulvas Are Not Ugly

Vulvas Are Not Ugly “All vaginas are ugly.” “What?” “All vaginas are ugly.” “Vaginas are just tunnels- love tunnels!” “No they are ugly.” “Are you talking about the outside?” *Shakes Head* “So you mean the vulva?” “Yeah, sure. They are still ugly.” “You realize you have one right?” *Silence*