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The Political Statement of Body hair


“I’m going to do it!” I yelled down to my partner who was blissfully unaware I had taken a shower. “I am going to stop shaving because who the hell cares? I don’t–– you don’t–– not that that matters because you’d love me no matter what and bigger still,” I was talking to myself at this point, “It’s my body!”

I returned to the bathroom in a huff. My partner, barely recognizing I had spoken, yelled up to the second floor, “Do whatever you want–– it’s your body. I’ll love you no matter. It’s just hair.” 

It’s just hair. Just hair. Hair. 

I wish it was just hair, but it’s not! The hardest part of all this is that it isn’t just hair. It’s a social commentary about the state of women in the US and other western worlds. It says something if you shave and it says something if you don’t. 

And that’s not right. 

We are human beings–– animals–– that deserve to have choice. Men freely wear their hair in the natural state, no one bats an eye. Women are far less lucky. 

That’s why it’s a political statement to grow, shave, laser, style, remove, love your body hair. 

It all has meaning. What does yours say about you?


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