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The Post-Structuralist VULVA Coloring Book Review

The Post-Structuralist VULVA Coloring Book- A Review

Illustrated by Meggyn Pomerleau (more work here) and Edited by Elly Blue


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When @microcosmpub reached out to me to review a coloring book, I was a little taken back. “I don’t color,” I thought. “What on Earth will I do with a coloring book?” Thoughts of my younger self trying to stay in the lines of a coloring book flashed across my mind’s eye. I failed miserably then and I didn’t think I had improved now. But it was about vulvas and taking down the patriarchy; the feminist in me screamed to take the job.

“OK,” I wrote back. “Send me what you have and I’d love to take a look at it.” How could I pass up the chance to look at anything that celebrates vulvas and women’s bodies? I couldn’t.


Even if you don’t like coloring, you’re going to love this book. It is creative, inventive, and down right fun!

The pages are easy to color and the pictures are not so hard that you feel you’ll never be able to color the whole thing–– I hate that! The illustrations are genius and a few made me laugh, which I enjoyed, of course. It also is a great conversational piece for a coffee table or desk. I even had a friend try to run off with it!


I am personally in love with this one! Who doesn’t love a vulva-princess-Leia-bun?

The Post-Structuralist Vulva Coloring Book ($12.95) demystifies the vulva, shows how beautiful they can be, and empowers the artist to get creative–– what more could you want from a kickass feminist book? No longer will vulvas be objectified or hidden in mystery, they will be front and center to showcase art, love, and the smashing of the patriarchy. All hail the vulva!


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