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The Starless Series and Mental Health: A inside look

Can readers learn about mental health and healthy relationships by reading The Starless Series? Could it be a good companion read for anyone in therapy or help inspire readers to attend therapy? We dig in to discover why or why not….

One reader writes, “I think they can learn if they’re open and willing to. Even though I was in therapy in 2018, I was in a very unhealthy relationship (I’m out now). I don’t think I was ready for the messages in the series. These are thoughts as an adult.

If I read something like Dawn as a young teen or even an older teenager, I think my ideas on relationships would be much healthier.

“I remember one book I read as a young teen fantasized a relationship with the step brother who was abusive and killed her cat, WHAT? Not cool. I also probably wouldn’t need as much therapy if I had better media and knowledge when I was younger. Most of my therapy is spent on figuring out the messed up relationships I have been in (family, friends, partners).”

Another writes, “Dawn discusses healthy relationships not only between partners, but also family and friends. I don’t know how many times I sighed with relief and the thought “THAT is how you handle this situation”.

I noticed when Melissa and her sister Mabel were talking about Melissa’s ex. Melissa made a comment along the lines of “but you liked him” and Mabel replied in her own fashion of “but he then his true colors showed, he was a jerk”. Too many people defend unhealthy actions because they “liked” someone. The truth is, they were never alone or in a relationship with that person. Abusers are skilled at being charming and making everyone like them. It’s in their manipulative nature.”

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