The Starless Series

Set against the backdrop of intergalactic politics and war, The Starless Series follows the stories of three Humans as they struggle to understand the universe on a cosmic scale and learn what it means to be Human. Dawn Among the Starsthe first in the series, releases May 2018 through Trifecta Publishing.

Dawn Among the Stars is an opportunity to showcase mental health in a realistic way by changing the narrative around individuals who push through similar obstacles every single day. With Ms. Heuwagen’s experience as a feminist and a mental health practitioner, she believed her unique insight into a myriad of perspectives surrounding mental health would be a great fit for a space opera. “One of my goals with writing, Dawn Among the Stars, has always been to depict mental health issues as realistically as possible–– to open the door to a more realistic view of mental health,” she says.

“I want readers to connect with the different aspects of the various struggles of the characters and offer them positive role models instead of the tired, old stereotypes we see in books and movies every day.”


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