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Taking Time for Yourself

No matter what time of year it is or what’s going on in life, let’s face it:


There is always something to do, some place to be, and some random expectation that we don’t matter a much as [insert whatever gets your goat].

As a therapist and concerned human of the world, I say enough is enough!

I like to tell my clients that even if you can’t afford an entire day to devote to things you enjoy–– because really who has time for that? Then at least give yourself 5 minutes.

I’m not asking for grandiose things to be smushed into 5 minutes, but like, if you can do that–– go for it! Plus send me a picture- I want to see! There are so many things you can do for yourself that is loving and caring in 5 minutes.

Read a book.

time for yourself



Play with your child/pet.

Take a shower/bath.

Watch a youtube video.

Drink a cup of coffee/tea/water alone.

Whatever makes you feel good, relaxed, and happy do it for at least 5 minutes. You deserve to be cared for, so don’t forget yourself on that long list of priorities!

What do you think? What are some things you can do for self care?

time for yourself

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What are your thoughts?