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UNFUCK YOUR BRAIN and other ways to overcome Mental Health Issues

UNFUCK YOUR BRAIN and Other Ways to Overcome Mental Health Issues

Review of “Unf*ck Your Brain” by Dr. Faith Harper, PhD LPC-S ACS

It’s always a pleasure finding a resource that not only helps me be a better therapist, but help my clients! Finding something I can give my clients that I’ll know they’ll enjoy too is always a plus.

Dr. Faith Harper delivers a fun and insightful read dealing with and getting over depression and/or anxiety. Not to mention it’s fucking hilarious!

In UNFUCK YOUR BRAIN, Dr. Harper dives straight into the fact that our brains can sometimes be assholes and make a ton of problems for us, but there is help! 26.65% of Americans (18 and older) suffer from a diagnosable mental disorder, this book can be a gateway for someone looking to explore therapy but isn’t ready to commit–– and that’s OK!

The book, out Novermber 7th, 2017, helps retain your brain to be a helper, not an asshole. Dr. Harper will effectively keep you entertained while you learn to deal with everyday life and/or trauma(s).

I encourage anyone thinking about heading to therapy to pick up their own copy today to get a taste of what it’s like and to help change their future!

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