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IUD Replacement

Several years ago, I wrote about getting an IUD since the internet was filled with misinformation and fear. Now, I’m looking at a replacement. Here’s my story.

My how time flies! It feels just like yesterday I was sitting in my doctor’s office, waiting to get my first IUD. Well, flash forward and it’s time to get it replaced.

Normally, I would be cool, calm, and collected, but this time around I was nervous––remembering the pain and shock of getting the first one! Though I was a lot more prepared with pain meds, CBD, and a husband that could drive me to and from the appointment, it still didn’t stop my fear from saying hello.

Thankfully, the whole thing was done under five minutes.

For serious.

In the time it took me to open TikTok, watch two videos, the whole procedure was done! Whoa.

There’s what happened:

1.) Check in with a temp check (thanks Covid!), a urine sample to triple check I didn’t magically become pregnant, and they weighed me, which I’m still uncertain as to the why, but it happened.

2.) Doctor confirmed with me about the type of IUD and asked if I had any questions. I did not.

3.) Nurse and Doc prepped while I got comfortable on the exam table (bed?). At this point, I was really starting to get in my feels, so the anxiety spiked. I asked if I could be on my phone––they said yes––so I asked my husband, who was at the ready with texts (he couldn’t come in, thanks Covid!) to tell me about our first date. Well, to hell with trying to read while this was going on, so I pivoted to TikTok (don’t ask me why!).

The whole time, the doctor was doing his thing and bless him, he tried so hard to tell me what he was doing, but with his mask and TikTok going full volume (why? the procedure wasn’t loud!), who knew what he was saying. There was a brief moment of pain as the old IUD left my body, but that was it. Once it was out, I refocused on TikTok (I believe it was Grey and Mama) and before I knew it, as tears pricked my eyes, it was over. “Wait, that’s it?” They assured me it was done and over.

4.) The doctor asked me to wait five minutes before getting up and leaving, because last time yours truly almost passed out (yay pain sensitivity!). After waiting, I went on with my day. No cramps, no problems, no pain at all. There was some bleeding, but it was done and over quickly––that is completely normal as well!

So, would I do it again? Hell yeah! What about you?

Remember to always consult your doctor if you are interested in an IUD or any form of birth control.

What are your thoughts?