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What I know As a Therapist

What I know As A Therapist


I’ve been practicing marriage and family therapy for awhile now, and the common theme I see in my clients is that we are all different and that’s OK. Here a few more thoughts about humanity and what brings us together as one weird bunch.

1.) We’re all going to make mistakes but if we’re lucky we’ll learn from them and move forward.

2.) If we can accept the people we are and the people that other people present, we’ll all be much happier.

3.) Life isn’t hard, we just complicate it with things we think are important but turn out to be pointless. Keep it simple.

4.) Don’t assume you know the whole story. There are things about people you’ll never know and that’s just fine. Everyone is on their own path, we’re just lucky to be in the lives of others for however long we are granted.

5.) Love is the best kind of medicine.

6.) Sometimes a simple hug or smile can change the world. Give those small acts out like candy!


Be the change you want to see in the world. You never know who’s watching!

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