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What to do When You Don’t Feel Connected to Your Partner

Relationships are hard work. There are a lot of moving pieces and life throws a lot at us. Plus, all the misconceptions about love and healthy relationships…

First, take a breath and a step back. Ask, what is going on inside me? How am I a part of what’s going on?

From there decide if the way forward is figuring out your stuff or if your partner should be part of the journey, too.

Second, decide if couples (s e x) therapy is right for you. Working with a helping professional will allow both parties to explore what’s going on in a safe, calm, open way.

Therapy will allow you to reconnect, explore, and rediscover each other in new and exciting ways (perhaps in the bedroom and beyond).

Just because we feel disconnected from a partner, doesn’t mean anything is wrong. Doesn’t mean that it’s life or death. Or that we’re facing the end of our relationship. It’s a wake up call and an opportunity to grow together as a partnership.

What are your thoughts?