Why Am I A Therapist?

I get asked a lot about why I do what I do… So, if I may, let me explain why I think being a therapist is the best job in the world!

Short answer: it made sense and aligned with who I am as a person.

It started to become so clear that this was my life’s work and blended so seamlessly into me showing up authentically every day that I’m grateful and honored I can do this for a living.

I’ve openly talked about it in more detail on @lajoiesociety and @disruptingbalance if you want to get into it more 😎

I’ll leave you with this spot of tea: I know what it feels like to be unseen, unheard, pushed around, and destroyed emotionally. I didn’t want anyone else to feel that way. I know, I know… It’s unrealistic. Doesn’t matter. I’m doing my damndest to carve out a small safe place for those who want to heal and change their life. To make our world a better place.

I’m a Therapist because I believe in a better world. If we can all embrace vulnerability, we’re halfway there 🖤🧿

What are your thoughts?