Why Failure Can Be Powerful

You caught me! I failed hard at…⠀
See, no, that’s not what we’re gonna do. ⠀
Failure is a lesson, not a dead end. It’s a way for us to grow and learn so much about who we are in the worst of situations. The trap of wallowing in failure is that we tend to get stuck there. And how is that going to propel us forward? ⠀
It’s not. It’s a momentum stealer. Soul crusher. Robber of joy. ⠀
Next time you experience failure, ask yourself:⠀
🌟What did you learn? ⠀
🌟How’d you grow? ⠀
🌟What can you take away from it?⠀
🌟What did you discover about yourself? ⠀
Reframing is a powerful tool that can help you see the experience for what it was: a glimpse of what you’re made out of and where you should be. ⠀
What’s one time you “failed” and discovered something new about yourself? ⠀

What are your thoughts?