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Working with A Couples Therapist

No matter how many times I felt alone in this big world, I never stopped believing in the possibility of falling in love. I’m a big fan of love, if you couldn’t tell—even when I try to deny it 😎

When I work with couples, they want their love back and they want it ASAP, so when we start the work, most of our focus is on fixing the problem, but guess what? We can’t. 

You heard me. We can’t fix the problem(s) and we sure as hell cant make them go away. 

We don’t fall out of love, we just get hyper-focused on the problems, not the partner. 

So, what we really do together, instead, is learn new coping strategies and heal old wounds. We even learn new healthy relational patterns to really cement the bond and rekindle those lovin’ feelings. 

We get sold this idea that relationships are easy (more on that layer), but relationships are living breathing things, made out of two imperfect people. Love is all around us, we just forget about it in the middle of life’s chaos. When we need to put in the work, we’re often too tired to do it. 

Making the time, my friends, is the key and putting the relationship first is paramount. We don’t fall out of love, we just get lazy. 

What are your thoughts?