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A Year in Review (2017)

Every year around this time, in honor of my birthday and the blog’s anniversary, I recap all the exciting posts–– in case you missed it! HERE WE GO! Which was your favorite?


ALLLL the episodes of Spilling Tea!

IUD: What No One Tells You– I’m here to clear up the fear and the mess surrounding IUDs.

Going Braless: A Year in Review– Remember the series about going braless? This is my recap of what it’s like being a braless babe. Spoiler: a year older and a whole lot wiser.

Womanhood and the Shame of Body Hair– To have hair or to not says something: good, bad, or otherwise.

Let’s Talk Sex– What’s a therapist and why do I need one?

Beauty Norms– Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but we know there are strong social ties to who and what is considered beautiful.

The Six Part Series: Healthy Relationships and Where to Find Them

Parts 123456

Discover what it takes to live and love in a healthy relationship through this multipart saga of love.


1.) The Post-Structuralist Vulva Coloring Book– A fun gift for any feminist out there!

2.) Mothmen by Kaelan Rhywiol- Looking for a read that catches the imagination and inspires? Look no further.

3.) Unfuck Your Brain by Dr. Faith Harper- Dr. Faith Harper delivers a fun and insightful read dealing with and getting over depression and/or anxiety. Not to mention it’s fucking hilarious!

4.) Biketopia: Feminist Bicycle Science Fiction Stories in Extreme Futures– A highly imaginative collection of sci-fi stories with a feminist bent

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